Effective Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning for nonprofits can ensure that the vision and mission of a charity are fulfilled. A solid strategy plan for nonprofits outlines measurable steps toward reaching those goals, and it is a tool that must be reviewed on a frequent basis, since internal and external conditions may change.

A strategic my website plan should begin by examining the mission, values, and vision. This will help to unite the team as well as confirm that they are the primary drivers behind the plan. This is an excellent opportunity to identify changes that may be required.

Many non-profits also opt to conduct a SWOT Assessment. This is a look at the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats that it faces. A thorough SWOT analysis is an excellent method of understanding the organization’s internal and external circumstances, and can help determine how to proceed with the nonprofit’s strategy development.

Another element that is often included in the strategic plan is a development or fundraising strategic plan. This plan will demonstrate how the charity can expand its philanthropic activities. It may include goals like increasing email outreach, upgrading the fundraising website, increasing fundraising strategies, and creating stronger relationships with donors.

Once the goals for the strategic plan are established then it’s a great idea to convene the group and agree on next steps. This will help cement everyone’s collective commitment to seeing the plan come to fruition. It could also be a helpful opportunity to discuss how to share the strategy with stakeholders who weren’t part of the original planning team.