The Importance of Board Meeting Rules

To ensure an effective board meeting it is essential to set clear rules for discussion. Set clear guidelines for discussion from the beginning of the meeting, to keep everyone on track. For instance, make it clear that the chair is the only one who can speak and anyone with a point to make should request the podium. Additionally, ensure that you have enough room for everyone to sit comfortably.

A system for recording all actions and instructions included in the official minutes of meetings is an important element to the rules of board meetings. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular online tools for managing meetings. The software is easy to use, widely accessible and compatible with various devices. It offers a wide range of features, including recording meetings and tracking of action items.

In addition to recording decisions Board meetings are also used for the purpose of making decisions about company-wide strategies. It is important to have the right members of the board in attendance to accomplish these goals. A diverse group of boardmembers who are all able and eager to work together is essential for the board to reach its goals.

To avoid lengthy discussions and stalemates, it’s recommended to have a set procedure that allows items to be brought to the table for votes. This is commonly called Robert’s Rules of Order and is a well-known model for running efficient meetings. The procedure begins when one of the participants proposes a motion by using the phrase, « I move that we … », are followed by an additional member. The chair restates the motion and allows discussion prior to calling for a vote.